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Depth and Complexity Quick Guide

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Depth and Complexity Quick Guide

$5.75 $3
Lisa Van Gemert
7 ratings

Do you love Depth and Complexity and need a quick guide to how to use it in class? 

This Depth and Complexity Quick Guide E-book will be a time saver (and maybe even a lifesaver!!). You'll get a two-page, attractive spread for all eleven thinking prompts and one-page guides to all of the Content Imperatives.

Depth & Complexity doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You love Depth & Complexity, but you're not sure exactly what to do with it in a real class with real kids.
  • You want ideas for using Depth & Complexity in your subject area.
  • You need something you can have easy access to anytime (because you're sometimes lesson planning in line at the grocery store).

If any of these sound familiar, we’ve got something special for you. We’ve taken all eleven thinking prompts of Depth and Complexity, as well as all five Content imperatives, and shared how to use them in this special ebook.

Access the power of the framework anytime, anywhere.

Yes, we wrote the book that reviewers rave about, and we love that book so much. Yet we also know it’s a big book.

We know you may want something to have at hand that will allow you to easily glance at an overview of a part of the framework and see some ideas for teaching it in your content area.

We’re here for you.

We’ve designed this Quick Guide with you, the classroom teacher, in mind. In it, you'll find:

→ Two-page layouts for each of the 11 thinking prompts, beautifully laid out in an easy-to-read format so you can see at a glance what the element is for and what it can do for your students

→ One-page layouts for each of the 5 Content Imperatives so you can quickly see what they go with and how to use them

→ Short explanations of what the thinking prompts are, what they do, how they impact thinking, and how to implement them in classroom practice

→ Sample question stems for each prompt so you can design lessons with ease

→ Examples from the four core content areas of how to implement Depth & Complexity in your classroom so you can get ideas specifically tailored to your content

→ Suggestions for how to pair elements of Depth and Complexity together

→ A short guide to help you choose which elements to use in your class

It's an e-book, but if you prefer paper, that will work, too!

E-books are so handy, yet some of us really like to have something printed we can carry with us. This short e-book is super handy to print out. You've got a couple of options:

1. You can print it out and put the pages in a small notebook or binder (or have it bound for you for a few dollars at an office supply store).

3. You can leave the book as-is on your electronic device for easy access anytime, anywhere.

We promise, you're going to love it.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Luckily, you don't have to.

[Special note: please email lisa@lisavangemert.com for bulk orders.]

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I want this!

You'll get a 41-page PDF you can download and start using right away!

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