Gifted Guild's Depth and Complexity Question Stems

Lisa Van Gemert
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You love the book. You know the power of the framework. Let's make it even more accessible.

Does one of these describe you?

  • You already know and love Depth & Complexity. You've seen what it can do for kids. You want to go even deeper.
  • You think Depth & Complexity can really help your students, yet something is holding you back from using it every day in instruction.
  • You are using Depth & Complexity, and you need an easy way to access the questions when you are doing your lesson planning.

If the answer is yes, we’ve got something special for you. We’ve taken all of the question stems from Gifted Guild’s Guide to Depth & Complexity and put them in this (very handy) ebook.

Let’s put the power of Depth & Complexity in your hands. Literally.

We love the full book. We agree with the reviewer who called it a Depth & Complexity “game changer.” Yet we also know it’s a big book. 

At over 300 pages, it’s not simple to flip through it when you’re planning an individual lesson to find suggestions for questions to ask students. 

And while Ian & Lisa loved the picture a teacher tweeted out of her teaching with a copy hanging over her arm, we know that's not ideal.

We’ve got the answer.

We’ve pulled out all of the questions and worked a little Depth & Complexity magic with them.

In this ebook, you’ll find:

  • All of the questions from the original book organized by Depth & Complexity element and content imperative
  • Specific questions for core content areas
  • Questions for different disciplinarian areas
  • Extra questions not included in the book (because Lisa can’t resist writing questions and doesn’t even try)

Use it your way.

There are three great ways to use this book to teach (there are probably more, but these are our favorites):

1. You can print it out and put the pages in a small notebook or binder.

2. You can print it out, laminate it, and connect the pages with a metal ring to create an easy access resource. (This is what Lisa did, and she uses it every day, even though she wrote it!)

3. You can leave the book as-is on your electronic device for easy access anytime, anywhere.

The Table of Contents is hyperlinked to make it very easy to navigate to the element or topic you want to use.

We promise, this is worth it. So go ahead. 

Put the power of Depth & Complexity in the palm of your hand.

[Special note: please email for bulk orders.]

I want this!

You'll get a pdf download of "Gifted Guild's Depth and Complexity Question Stems" ready to use!

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Gifted Guild's Depth and Complexity Question Stems

7 ratings
I want this!